Bishop James Washington

Bishop James Washington has been Senior Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church for
17 years. His Ministry spans 3 decades. 

Under his leadership the church has grown spiritually and financially. The Fruit
of the Lord's reward of Faithfulness is evidenced in the Savior Blessing
Bishop Washington to lead the Church in a new construction project.
Shiloh is Blessed with a Brand New Worship, plus Community Life Center,
valued at $5.4 Million Dollars. When the building was completed, it was paid for in Full.
Our Senior Pastor was consecrated to the office of Bishop on December 3, 2005 by Chief Consecrator and Prelate of FOCCUS, Bishop Lawrence L. Kirby. The Consecration Service was held at New Shiloh Baptist Church of Atlantic City, NJ. In addition, he is the President of the Fellowship of Church’s Of Atlantic City and Vicinity.

Bishop Washington is a gifted anointed Preacher, Teacher and Leader. Bishop Washington believes that understanding and walking in God's Word, His Will and His Way is essential for Christian Survival. He is a wonderful Pastor who has great love for the entire congregation of Shiloh Baptist Church. He reminds us all that "God's Way Is the Best Way and "It's Mission Time!"

Bishop Washington is very active in the community leading Quality of Life and Health Status Improvement initiatives such as; Gun-buy-backs, Improving Neighborhood Safety, Anti-Drug Awareness & Prevention, HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention, Violence Reduction & Improving the working relationship between public and social services agencies and Law Enforcement. Bishop Washington is active on many local and state Boards. He has won many awards for his outstanding community service.

Bishop Washington is also the Assistant to the President of the Atlantic City Medical Center/AtlantiCare Health System.
 He is married to Rev.Dr. Ruby Washington and has three sons, Anthony, Min. Aaron and Shannon. One daughter Nycole, one God-daughter Mia Bailey, and Two Daughter In-laws, Natalie  and Jackqulyn and four grandchildren. Many lives have been changed by the Dynamic Preaching & Teaching Ministry of Bishop Washington. A number of Preachers, Evangelist, and Ministry leaders have answered the Call of God, under the Leadership Guidance of this Warrior for the Lord.

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